Comparison between the different brands of Leg Warmers

Leg Warmer Comparison

The most frequent question asked by parents is "What is the difference between the different brands of baby leg warmers?". There are three main brands namely, Huggalugs, Skidpants by Dittany Baby, and BabyLegs.

Age Range: All brands are one size fits most. According to Babylegs, they work for kids up to age 10 (except the Vermont organics, those are for kids up to age 4). Huggalugs, work for kids up to age 6 while Skidpants are the longest but they don't give an age range.

Length: From the photo on top, shows the original version of each brand of baby leg warmer. The Skidpants are the longest, followed by Babylegs then Huggalugs. BabyLegs also makes an XL and Supersoft version, which are just slightly shorter than the Skidpants.

Fabrics: The original version of each brand is a cotton/spandex blend, very similar in feel and function. Skidpants also has a lightweight version, which is made of 100% nylon, similiar to nylon tights. These are great for warmer climates and summer time. Babylegs also has an organic line. Most of the organics are very similar to their originals, except the Vermont made ones. Those fit a bit smaller. Babylegs Supersofts are made of a very soft polyester and feel luxurious.

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